What is Google Calm? Innovation For Better Mental Health

what is google Calm innovation

What is Google Calm? This new app offers a new way to relax and improve your mental health. As an investor in Lightspeed Investments, I’ve been following the company’s growth for several years now. One interesting parallel Calm draws is to the Chinese podcasting market. The Chinese podcasting market is 23 times larger than the US and is largely built on subscription and self-improvement. The app aims to be a “lifestyle magazine for the modern era.”

It started out as a meditation app seven years ago but has expanded into an entire mental wellness service, including meditation, music and sleep stories. Calm introduced the first sleep stories to its app seven years ago, and today millions of people use it to drift off to the dulcet tones of famous people. Calm is available in iOS, Android and desktop. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, and the company regularly adds new content to help users relax and improve their mental health. For a seven-day free trial, you can unlock 100 guided meditations, an exclusive sleep story library, and access to expert-led Masterclasses.

The app offers hundreds of curated soundtracks, and organizes them into six categories. It plays background music while you scroll through the app or start a session. Each soundtrack has a customizable sound, so you can listen to calming campfire or aquascape music. You can also adjust the sound level to fit your preferences. You can also learn how to meditate by taking a Calm Masterclass. While the app has the potential to help many people achieve better mental health, it can’t replace a mental health professional.