What is Google Assignment? Innovation?

what is google Assignment innovation

What is Google Assignment? innovation? Basically, it is an add-on application for learning management systems (LMSs) that helps instructors organize, distribute, and analyze student work. It makes Google Docs and Drive compatible with LMSs and allows students to submit assignments in various file types. Once they submit an assignment, it automatically syncs with the LMS gradebook. What’s great about Google Assignments? You can use it to give students a grade on any assignment without worrying about storing and transferring it.

Google Assignments are available for any LMS that supports Google Workspace for Education. This application allows instructors to save time on grading and guides students to create their best work by generating originality reports. The application integrates seamlessly with the collaborative power of Google Workspace for Education, and it is available for free to educational institutions in more than forty countries. But this integration doesn’t mean it’s a better solution than an LMS, which isn’t free of charge.

Instructors create Google Assignments in the same way as they would any other assignment. Instructors go to the Blackboard course page, click on “Build Content,” then click “Google Assignments.” Next, the instructor logs into their BU Google account and starts creating the first Google Assignment. Once they’ve completed this step, the instructor can easily assign the assignments to students. If the assignment requires an instructor’s help, the student can access the files through Google Docs.