What is a Hymen?


Have you ever wondered what a hymen is? This soft, elastic tissue stretches during sex, which can cause bleeding. This is not the case for everyone, however. A hymen break can happen from everyday activities like inserting a tampon or having sex. While the rupture might not cause pain, it can lead to other symptoms. Read on to learn more about this common symptom.

Septate hymen: This ring-like piece of tissue makes two small openings in the vagina instead of one. It can interfere with the ease of inserting a tampon and removing it. While a septate hymen can’t prevent sex, it can hinder vaginal flow and cause other health problems. Your doctor may recommend surgery to correct this condition. But surgery can also be painful.

The shape and size of a hymen can vary widely. It may be oval, lobed, or crescentic, and it may be one of two types. Each type has a unique appearance, and it may cause complications. The most common hymen positions are annular and crescentic. The former looks like a donut, with the vaginal opening at the center. The latter is usually at the bottom of the vagina. In either case, the absence of a hymen will not affect a woman’s ability to sex or her ability to perform sexual acts.

If you suspect you may have a hymen tear, it is important to visit your doctor as soon as possible. If you notice any pain during sex, it could be due to a ruptured hymen. In addition to tearing, a hymen does not grow back. Instead, it thins out because of daily activities, tampons, and daily bodily functions.