Nooky? What’s Noodley?


Nooky? What’s nooky?, the question on the minds of men everywhere. A recent survey conducted by Match found that seven out of 10 people have not had a nooky in the past six months. It’s time for an epidemic of nookys, and Poundland has a new range of Viagra-style pills and sex toys. These products can be bought for as little as PS1 a pack, making them an affordable solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

A common nickname for Chicago’s nooky restaurants, nooky is actually a diminutive version of the word ‘nook’. Despite being a diminutive version of ‘nook’, ‘nooky’ has become taboo in the American press, though James Bond movies and other pop culture products have managed to evade censorship and use the word in its proper name. Interestingly, a nooky can be considered “nice” by both men and women.

The Nooky range of sex toys is an instant hit, with a PS1 bullet vibrator making a splash in 2016 and selling at a ninety per cent discount compared to similar products at high street sex shops and online retailers. A nooky range includes the Finger Fun Stimulator, Vibrating Love Ring, Joy Ring, Pure Lube, and Sexual Vitality Supplements For Her.