What is Google Vestigia Blockchain? Innovations in Water Scratch Innovation

what is google Vestigia Blockchain WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

What is Google Vestigia Blockchain? Blockchain is a type of technology that uses cryptography to improve water purification. Google has already created a pilot product that improves water quality and control. Using this technology, the company plans to develop a water treatment system. By using blockchain technology to improve water quality and control, the company hopes to reduce the need for chemical treatments.

A recent UN World Water Development report found that 80 percent of rainwater goes unused. That’s a great deal of water being wasted. As climate change continues to increase the demand for freshwater, we’ll see a greater need for water collection hubs. Blockchain technology is the answer. With the power of blockchain, water will be more manageable, cleaner, and more accessible than it’s ever been before.