What is Google Star? Innovation at Its Best

what is google Star innovation

What is Google’s “Star” initiative? This program awards the most innovative ideas from students around the world with a Google-sponsored prize. This competition invites high school and middle school students to create 3D animations and games. Participants can win prizes worth millions of dollars, which could help them make their dreams come true. Google is one of the leading companies in innovation, with over $1 billion in annual revenue. To learn more about Google Star, check out the website.

The company’s commitment to research is one of the primary reasons why Google attracts such top researchers. In addition to unparalleled data sets, cutting-edge computing architecture, and open-access publishing opportunities, Google encourages research from top minds and scientists. Andrew Ng is one such example. He joined Google in 2010 and quickly bonded with other engineers including Jeff Dean and Greg Corrado. They worked together on deep learning and deep neural networks.