Is Sleeping Around OK?

sleeping around

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Sleeping around.” While this is technically true, it implies that enjoying sex with more than one person is a bad idea. You’re not bound to commit to someone forever, and the person you sleep with may not feel the same way about you. In fact, it is generally not a good idea to sleep around because you’re trying to avoid loneliness, getting over someone, or simply being lonely. While you should never sleep around for these reasons, it is perfectly acceptable when it is a part of a relationship.

Although sleeping around with more than one person is a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy yourself and keep yourself happy, it can be a little embarrassing if you’re a woman. While women often feel shamed for sleeping with someone other than their boyfriend or partner, men tend to be praised for the idea of sleeping around. And it doesn’t matter if you’re heterosexual or gay – it’s completely acceptable! If you’re not comfortable with this concept, consider the gender and sexual orientation of the person you’re sleeping with.