Can You Get Pregnant on the Depo Shot?

can you get pregnant on the depo shot

Before deciding whether or not to conceive, women must stop taking Depo-Provera before conceiving. The procedure requires a visit to the healthcare provider’s office, and some women find it uncomfortable. In addition, the fertility rates after Depo stoppage are higher than normal. Despite the positive outcomes, women should continue to consult their doctor as soon as they begin to experience symptoms of pregnancy.

Taking Depo-Provera can delay a woman’s fertility, so she should stop using the drug a few months before trying to conceive. The FDA states that the median time to conceive after discontinuing the shots is ten months. However, some women conceive as early as four months after they stop taking the medication. If they are using Depo-Provera long-term, they may need to wait for up to 31 months.

A Depo shot is a highly effective contraceptive, and the average women take three shots every 12 weeks. These shots work by reducing the amount of estrogen that a woman’s body makes during her menstrual cycle, which increases her chances of getting pregnant. In addition, Depo-Provera is 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. However, it is possible to get pregnant while using this medication if you have an incorrect dosage or a missed dose.

The FDA has added weight as a factor in the depo drug’s label. Women with healthy weight return to normal fertility sooner than women with unhealthy bodies. Additionally, the newer subcutaneous depo has proven to reduce the ovulation delay by ninety-seven percent of women. For this reason, women with healthy weight should wait six months to conceive after receiving depo.