Can You Escape 3? Game Review

can you escape 3

Can You Escape 3? is a continuation of the previous game and requires players to find the key to escape from various interconnected rooms. Each room has a distinct style, implying a particular mindset or perspective on life. In order to find the key, you must unravel the secrets of the residents and use puzzles and clues to find the right way out. The game is available on iOS and Android devices, and is a great way to pass the time and keep your brain sharp.

The game also features the first female protagonist in the main series, Kei/Satoru. He is the younger twin of Yumi/Sayaka. His aunt, Aki, is the creator of the futuristic Morph Gear, which allows the player to transform into seven different forms. Aki has a history with both Dr. Tomoki and Professor Tomoki. The game is set in the future, and the gameplay is reminiscent of the first game.