What is Google Committee?

What is Google’s innovative process? It’s a cyclical process with a clear end in mind: to create something new, radically useful, or unexpected. Google makes sure it safeguards time for its innovation work. Around 70 percent of projects are core business-related, and 20 percent are emerging. The other 10 percent represent high-risk projects that must solve a major problem or opportunity for hundreds of millions of people.

When it comes to hiring new employees, a committee has a few advantages. While it can slow the process, a committee can improve the company’s overall decision-making. Typically, a committee consists of managers from multiple levels and one cross-functional member. Individual hiring managers cannot make a decision without the input of a committee. Having a diverse range of experience also improves the quality of discussions and decision-making.

When selecting employees, a company should try to mimic the culture of the company. Google is a good example of a company that has a long-standing track record for making smart hires. This culture is conducive to new ideas, and it challenges conventional assumptions about how the company should operate. Google’s management allows itself to make mistakes and celebrate the lessons learned. While Google’s recruiting process isn’t entirely unlike other companies, it has been highly successful and is widely admired.