Innovation – What is Google Choir?

what is google Choir innovation

Despite the name, what is Google Choir? This group of robotic blobs mimics the movements and sounds of opera singers. The concept is intended to foster collaboration within companies and break down traditional hierarchies. It uses artificial intelligence to create a unified group of voice, which can be recorded and shared with the world. Its goal is to provide a great way for all employees to express themselves creatively without the need for expensive vocal training.

The Google Choir was inspired by the idea of the Virtual Choir. In 2009, a fan posted a video of herself singing a piece. Whitacre asked others to record their parts of the song. By the time she had a full choir of 185 voices, it had grown to over 8,000. She said that she’d always wanted to sing in a virtual choir, but never found the perfect moment to do so. Eventually, she was inspired to figure out a way to make this work and a new way to share her passion for singing.

A recent study conducted by the American for the Arts and The pARTnership Movement found that employee choirs helped companies recruit and retain more employees. Employee choirs improved teamwork and retention. In addition, they improved employee engagement and leadership skills. In addition, choirs increased the level of happiness and collaboration between employees and their employers. The result is a more cohesive company culture. And the benefits don’t stop there. A company’s employee choir can also improve employee health. According to research conducted by both organizations, employees who participate in employee choirs are more likely to feel healthier and happier.