Google Creates Moresense Water Scarcity Innovation

what is moresense WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

The Google Research division has created an innovation to combat water scarcity. Traditional technologies are expensive and don’t work in areas where there’s no electricity and no water, but the company has worked backwards. It has stripped down the exacting specifications of purification to a crude setup. It’s an example of the “less is more” approach to disaster relief.

The global population is set to reach nine billion by 2050, increasing pressure on the water supply and sanitation industry. Climate change will only add to the challenge, which is why governments in developing nations are attempting to develop more sustainable systems in these sectors. Water scarcity innovation involves new approaches to technology, policy, and behavior change. The two experts analyzed the innovations and came up with three themes: supply and distribution, ecosystem health, and affordability, reach, and sustainability.

Innovative Water Technologies developed a self-contained water purification station that can supply 20,000 litres of freshwater a day for ten years. This innovation is proving so successful that it’s already being used in 30 countries. The SunSpring Hybrid can provide freshwater to households in developing countries for ten years. In fact, the company is currently working on a similar technology for rural areas.