E-Commerce Argos Web Site

Ecommerce Argos web site

The E-commerce Argos web site combines the best of both worlds. This popular UK retailer’s web site sees more than a billion page views annually. Their retail stores serve over 29 million customers each year. Customers can find a store near them with an interactive map, and the product pages include a stock check feature. Customers can pick up their purchases when they want, instead of having to wait in line.

The challenge that Argos faced when it decided to create an e-commerce web site was the lack of flexibility in fulfilling online orders from its physical stores. Argos’ hundreds of smaller stores likely lacked certain key items that people ordered online. They also had inconsistent lead times. Customers didn’t want to wait days for an order to arrive. To meet customer expectations, they needed to have a convenient way to place orders online.

After the launch of the e-commerce web site, Argos has made changes to their physical stores. The chain has stopped printing catalogues. Instead, they list all of their products online. However, in-store browsers are still available to help customers navigate the website. The company has also partnered with a number of charities in the past. In July 2010, they partnered with the Teenage Cancer Trust. In 2007, they partnered with the British Heart Foundation and Help The Hospices.

For example, Argos now offers a mobile app for compatible iPhones and Android devices. These applications make shopping easier and more personalized. Smart entrepreneurs are using them to boost their customer satisfaction and increase sales. Using social analytics, they are adapting their digital marketing strategy and exploiting the power of social media. The results have been spectacular for both companies. And the results speak for themselves. The E-commerce Argos web site will continue to grow and flourish!