Can You Microwave Eggs?

can you microwave eggs

If you’re concerned about the health benefits of frying eggs, you may want to try cooking them in the microwave instead. Eggs cooked in the microwave contain fewer calories and fat than traditional cooking methods, and they cook in a shorter amount of time. Plus, they’re energy efficient. If you want a nutritious breakfast on the run, you can microwave eggs for a quick, easy meal. Listed below are several benefits of cooking eggs in the microwave.

Cooking time varies, depending on your microwave’s wattage, the size of your egg, and how runny or soft you want your yolk to be. Generally, a 1000 watt microwave should take between 30 and 60 seconds to cook a runny egg. A microwave with a lower wattage may take longer to cook eggs, so keep that in mind when choosing a microwave. However, most eggs will be perfectly fine when cooked in a microwave.

Another major advantage of microwaved eggs is their versatility. You can scramble, poach, or even cook them “fried” in a microwave. Many people prefer these eggs to stovetop versions and have found that they are just as tasty. Plus, you don’t need a whirlpool to get the perfect poached egg every time. Microwave-safe containers include glass or ceramic bowls, and don’t contain metal or plastic. Aluminum foil, certain plastic containers, and some metal containers are not considered safe for the microwave.