What is Google Clothes?

what is google Clothes innovation

If you’re a technology enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered what is Google Clothes, a new product developed by the tech giant. The concept is very similar to the Philips x Levi’s ICD+ jacket, which was released in the 2000s. Google’s Project Jacquard jacket is an advanced version of that technology, with smart fibers that connect to a wireless “tag” remote to control smartphone functions. You can pause music or set navigation by simply tapping the garment’s wrists.

Unlike other wearables, Google’s Glass technology allows you to take photos and know where a Starbucks is. The technology is so advanced that fashion models from Von Furstenberg’s clothing line recently wore frames that were compatible with Google Glass. Google’s strategy helped de-geek its invention by putting it on fashion models. In the process, it was able to gain a fair amount of media exposure, including exposure in the New York media before the iPhone 5 was released.