What is the Brand Amerco?

what is the brand Amerco

What is the brand Amerco? You may be wondering how this company has lasted so long. There are three main operating segments for Amerco. Moving and Storage makes up 93% of the company’s revenue and accounts for 93.2% of its after-tax earnings. Founded in 1890, the company has been providing moving and storage services for the last 114 years. The company has locations in eight countries and currently employs more than 30,000 people.

AMERCO has a broad competitive moat, thanks to its ownership of U-Haul and a growing self-storage business. Yet, Amerco receives only light analyst coverage and communicates very little with investors. The Shoen family controls roughly 50% of the company’s stock. The company’s strategy focuses on the long-term and expanding its market share at the expense of competitors.

Amerco is an American provider of moving equipment and supplies for household movers. Its U-Haul brand is targeted at do-it-yourself movers. AMERCO offers its products through a nationwide network of retail moving stores and independent U-Haul dealers. AMERCO also offers insurance and self-storage services. The company’s operations are divided into three main segments: household moving and self-storage solutions.