Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job?

why do you want to leave your current job

The most important question to answer when submitting a resignation letter is why you want to leave your current job. Never lie, but make sure you’re upfront about your reasons. Let your employer know that you want to make progress and improve your skills. Mention some of the things you’ve learned from your previous job. Incorporate a few other positive reasons for leaving too, but don’t make them the main reason for your resignation letter.

Another good reason to list is your ambitions. When explaining your reasons for leaving your current position, you should focus on the future. You can tell your prospective employer that you’re looking for a better balance between work and your personal life. Moreover, you can point out your professional aspirations and how this job will help you in fulfilling them. If you’re seeking a promotion, make sure to mention that.

Dissatisfaction with your current position is a common reason for leaving a job. When leaving a job due to dissatisfaction, try to explain why you’re not happy with the structure of the company or its employees. Describe your efforts to improve the structure or how you would make the changes you’ve suggested. Whatever the reason, make sure you’ve outlined your reasons clearly.

If the interviewer asks you why you’re leaving, try to sound as positive as possible. Remember that the job interviewer wants to hear positive things about you, not negative ones. Your answer must convey to the employer that you’re a valuable future employee. Make sure to put a positive spin on any problems you’ve had in the past and that you’re looking forward to the new challenge.