What the Heck is a Merkin?


If you’re wondering: what the heck is a merkin, you’re not alone. Recently, Jared Leto addressed the Oscars and mentioned the term “merkin” in his speech. Merkins are pubic wigs worn during nude scenes. Today, they are considered fashionable and are used at Burning Man. In fact, the word is so old that it’s difficult to determine whether or not it’s a modern invention.

The word merkin has an interesting history. It originated in the 1450s as an object to cover the genitals, which were shaved to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, such as pubic lice. It also served as a cosmetic covering for sex workers. The word “malkin” also has a surprisingly early history. The word likely came from an insult directed against lower-class women in the early 1200s. This is because the genitals are so prone to infection.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a merkin as an artificial covering of hair on the female pubic area. It has existed for more than five centuries, but its usage is not documented until 1617. John Taylor first recorded its use in the Three Weekes Observer, but it may be even older. According to the Oxford Companion to the Body, pubic wig use goes back to the mid-15th century. Some historians believe that the practice may even go back further.

While merkins are not actually a cosmetic device, they can help a woman hide her pubic hair from others. Many fancy rich British men used pubic wigs as a form of vanity. They also considered pubic hair to be a memento from their lovers. A pubic wig also gave a woman the impression that she was a high-born woman. It’s a fact that pubic hair has a deep and complex history.