What is the Brand Microchip Technology?

what is the brand Microchip Technology

The brand Microchip Technology offers a variety of different products, including PIC 8-bit MCUs, AVRs, and even a fan controller demo board. The company’s products address a variety of needs, including power management, thermal management, and mixed-signal and linear applications. The company supports the development of electronic products by providing discounts and training at regional training centers. It also offers silicon donations for those in need and helps them find low-cost development tools.

Founded in 1987 by General Instrument, Microchip Technology Inc. today generates more than half of its revenues from microcontrollers, which are essential components in a wide variety of electronic devices. While the company’s strength lies in low-end 8-bit MCUs, the company has extended its presence to higher-end MCUs and analog chips. In 2011, the company shipped over a billion processors.

During its early years, Microchip was losing money. More than half of its revenue came from the disc drive industry. The company’s product portfolio was based on commodity EEPROMs. The company had run out of cash, had exhausted its lines of credit, and failed to control expenses. Venture capital investors accepted the company’s offer to sell itself to Winbond Electronics Corporation, but the deal fell apart after the Taiwan stock market declined. Steve Sanghi, then president and chief operating officer, took over Microchip’s operations.

The Microchip Technology 32-bit product portfolio features 2048 KB Flash and 512 KB RAM, with options for externally addressable memory of up to 128 MB. Its 32-bit product portfolio addresses a wide range of applications, from advanced graphics to the Internet of things. If you’re looking for a microcontroller to make a smart phone, Microchip Technology is the brand for you.