What is Google Accident?

The self-driving car known as ‘Google Accident’ recently caused a minor traffic accident. In an attempt to bypass sandbags, the car angled itself and cut into a line of vehicles on the left. In the process, it struck a metal piece connecting an accordion-style bus. While no one was injured in the minor crash, it left the bus with a little damage. Google described the accident as a misunderstanding and said the cars would learn from the experience.

The hit-me-and-stay-stuck hood is a useful invention. It prevents secondary injuries for pedestrians who are struck by a car. However, it is still a novelty, and many accident attorneys are skeptical. However, if you were to walk in a Google car, you could expect a similar outcome. The car would stop and stick to you until it is safe. This innovation is incredibly innovative and deserves our awe, admiration, and respect. Anyone who disputes this innovation probably doesn’t know much about accident statistics.

The innovation is a clever way to protect pedestrians from secondary injuries. The car, called ‘Kitt,’ was rear-ended by a pickup truck that failed to recognize the red and yellow traffic lights. It was so close to a human driver that it was unable to distinguish between them. The resulting accident left two Google employees hospitalized. The rear of the car was permanently removed. And while it might sound like a futuristic nightmare, it did prevent one of the worst possible outcomes of a pedestrian accident.