Beacon Roofing Supply Expands Its Brand Portfolio

what is the brand Beacon Roofing Supply

For more than 80 years, Beacon Roofing Supply has been the go-to name for roofing products in the Northeast and beyond. It has been a leading name in the industry for roofing supplies and related materials, and now it has a whole new line of brands that span the entire range of the roofing industry. With over 40 brands in the U.S. and Canada, Beacon is one of the largest distributors of roofing products and related materials.

In the mid-nineties, Beacon expanded its operations through acquisitions. The company acquired several regional roofing concerns to diversify its portfolio. During this time, the acquired companies kept their own identities. The acquisition campaign began in 1998 when Logie purchased Quality Roofing Supply, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based roofing distributor. From then on, Beacon continued to acquire regional roofing distributors. In 1999, the company acquired Best Distributing, Inc., as well as Exeltherm Supply, Inc., and The Roof Center (Maryland and Virginia). Beacon also acquired West End Lumber in Texas, which diversified its product line.

As the company grew, Logie’s second investment group took over the business. Logie’s vision for the business led them to focus on transforming the business into a national force. Founded in 1952, the Beacon name has been synonymous with high-quality roofing supplies for over fifty years. It has expanded from a modest start to become a nationwide player in the industry. With its growing presence and reputation for superior service, Beacon has earned the trust of the roofing industry.