What is Google Year? Innovation

What is Google doing differently this year? It’s spending billions of dollars each year to fund research projects and has more than 250 active research programs. It attracts scholars with the promise of huge datasets and investment in young companies via its GV arm. Google also uses a five-day process known as Design Sprints to help new companies develop product ideas. Google emphasizes learning from others and external sources. In this way, Google is helping the next generation of designers build products.

The company has grown from one product to over 100. It touches the lives of billions of people around the world. Innovation is embedded in its culture, and Google continues to push the boundaries at every turn. But the company hasn’t been content with being the best at one thing. Its recent acquisitions of Picasa photo management software, YouTube for online videos, and DoubleClick for web ads are examples of how it has innovated.

In terms of innovation, Google has a long-term approach. This approach has allowed the company to pursue projects such as the driverless car and Glass. These projects have a longer time-horizon than most companies. They are also doing structural innovation. No phone maker has gone as far as to make a product as Google did with Glass. This means Google is doing what other companies cannot do: enabling people to do more and get more done.