What is Google Dragonfly?

what is google Dragonfly innovation

The question, “What is Google Dragonfly?” may be a new one to you, but you should be aware of the concept. The technology links phone numbers to search results. However, this technology has received some criticism. Censorship of content are still ongoing problems for Google. Yonatan Zunger, a 14-year Google veteran, developed the technology, but warned Google executives about the negative ramifications of Chinese citizens accessing search results.

Many employees at Google have publicly expressed concerns over the company’s plans to resume operations in China. Ten employees have signed a letter urging the company to cancel Project Dragonfly, which is its own censored search engine for the Chinese market. It restricts content that relates to religion, human rights, and democracy. It also filters out websites that have been blocked by the Chinese government. This innovation is causing much controversy, and Chinese employees are not pleased.

Project Dragonfly has been the subject of a huge controversy, but there is no need to panic. Many critics of Google are calling for a full investigation of what went on. As a public company, Google should not be allowed to censor its own employees. Employees should use the opportunity to push back and force the company to release all relevant information and comply with the law. A thorough investigation of Project Dragonfly’s censorship policies is essential.

While the Chinese public is demanding transparency, Google is remaining a secretive company. Its privacy team hasn’t disclosed what is behind the Chinese search product. The American public often learns about its projects once it has been fleshed out internally. This means that it hasn’t heard about Google’s innovation early enough. This has prompted many to question the company’s plans to expand their presence in China.