What is the Google Penalty? How to Get Rid of a Google Penalty

Do you know what the Google Penalty is? Google penalizes web pages that obstruct the search engine’s algorithms in any way. This action can lower your website’s ranking, and it’s hard to recover. Google prefers organic search methods, rather than forcing the search engine to rank a page. For that reason, the company has a strict set of guidelines regarding how to improve your web page’s rankings.

If you have a website that has been penalized by Google, you need to act fast. A penalty can severely hurt your business. Fortunately, a quick response will minimize the damage. Google penalties will result in a drop in your ranking for important keywords, and your business conversions may go from zero to nothing. Here are some steps you can take to get your site back to its former glory. If you’re suffering from a Google penalty, get in touch with Verve Innovation. They’ll help you identify the type of penalty you’re facing and complete a technical SEO audit.

What is the Google Penalty? Just like in sports, Google penalties are designed to punish websites that do something wrong. They aren’t always handed out manually, and can even affect websites without any knowledge of wrongdoing. Penalties can lower your website’s ranking, or even remove it from search results. You can also get penalized by Google for using black-hat SEO tactics, such as keyword-stuffing.