What is Google WallSpring Drinking Water Purification Systems?

What is Google’s WallSpring Drinking Water System? This portable system uses solar panels to convert energy into clean drinking water. The system filters the water using auto-compute tasks. It produces large amounts of clean, drinkable water. While there are many benefits to this product, it is not for everyone. You will need to construct it and maintain it, so that it works properly. In addition, you will need to change filters and add additives to the water, so you will need to consider whether you can manage the maintenance of this device yourself.

The original system was a very small printed circuit board. The throughput was one microliter per minute. As the system evolved, it increased to a few hundred litres of water per hour. It was difficult to make people comfortable using the system because it required a significant psychological change. The wallSpring’s nanofiltration technology also works in a portable fashion.

The new waste filtration system developed by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) won first place in Google’s Pitch Fest competition in Switzerland. This technology can help clean water in remote areas. It doesn’t use chemicals or membranes to do its job. The system is also very portable and is ideal for disaster-affected areas. In addition to being portable, it’s also inexpensive.