What is Google Entertainment?

What is Google’s new innovation in entertainment? We have already heard about Android@Home and a new Google TV, but what is Google’s next big move? There are no specifics on the upcoming device, but Google has made sure to include it in its latest patent application. It will use Bluetooth technology to connect to stereo systems. But does this mean that Google will be able to compete with Apple or Sonos?

The need to stay ahead and keep up with the changing needs of home technology is forcing Google to move into consumer entertainment. Apple, for example, has a hobby project of developing Apple TVs, but it must be present in the home. Google, like Apple, is trying to expand its business beyond the core search engine market and is now moving into new ventures, such as selling content. This is not surprising, given its recent acquisition of YouTube.

The new entertainment initiative combines Google Cloud services with game development. While Google is not releasing the game, it looks forward to building new partnerships in this area. Honeycutt met with the CEO of SADA Systems at Google NEXT in San Francisco last year. The two companies plan to use this new technology to develop more games and TV shows. Honeycutt will lead the team in implementing the new Google Cloud. Google has partnered with SADA Systems, a technology provider based in Los Angeles.