What is Google Bear? Innovation at Its Best

In a patent, Google has proposed a smart stuffed bear that turns into a remote control. The patent suggests that this anthropomorphic device could speak and even express human-like emotions, such as curiosity. In addition to acting as a remote control, it would also be able to connect to various devices, such as home thermostats, and turn on or off lights and TV cables. A connected stuffed animal could also listen to audio signals and make eye contact with its users.

The Bear team does not condemn social media, though. Their Tumblr and Twitter accounts are well-implemented. The team is also plotting participation in upcoming technology and interactivity conferences, including South by Southwest. They’re planning to present their project at a South by Southwest panel, so stay tuned. To learn more about Bear 71 and how to enter, visit the official website. Once you’ve submitted your entry, you can start planning your next adventure!