Pimkie Launches E-Commerce Web Site

In order to enhance the customer experience and increase e-commerce, Pimkie introduced its Ship From Store service. With its network of 250 stores across France, this service allows Pimkie to ensure that every product is in stock. It also streamlines orchestration by sending products directly from stores that are optimally located. Consequently, shipping times and costs are reduced. Pimkie has become a leading player in the Ready-to-Wear industry.

The fast-fashion chain Pimkie began in Lille, France, over forty years ago. The company has since expanded internationally and currently has over 700 outlets in 30 countries. In 2006, the company entered the online retail market and launched e-commerce web sites for France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. With the success of these retail sites, Pimkie is now moving its focus to the online marketplace. This new focus on E-commerce will help the company grow their business and preserve jobs.

Pimkie collected customer reviews in-store and on Google My Business pages. By using this solution, Pimkie is able to track and respond to customer reviews, identifying areas for improvement. The company is strengthening its customer listening management by involving local teams in the customer experience process. A new Customer Experience Manager has been appointed in order to work alongside the Customer Research and Knowledge Manager to identify topics for action. This new manager will focus on customer experience to improve the overall customer experience.