Is Sexual Union a Covenantal Bond?

What does Scripture have to say about sexual union? Does it allow for sexual union outside of parental and legal permission? Does it allow for sexual union between two people regardless of their sexual orientation? Yes, it does. In fact, Scripture teaches that sexual union is covenantally binding between man and woman. The principle of covenantality is “you touch it, you buy it.” In other words, a man who has sexual relations with a girl has covenantal ties to her. Because of this, he cannot abandon her or have any sexual relations with her unless she gives consent.

While we can’t completely reject the idea of having sex between men and women, we do not believe that this is the only morally acceptable way to unite. In fact, marriage is the only way a couple can fully express the sexual complementarity that God intended. As such, the man and the woman are to give each other their whole beings – their masculine and feminine parts – to one another. This difference is what allows for a sacred bond to be formed between the two.

Marriage is a covenant between two individuals. In the Bible, the man and woman enter into a marriage covenant through sexual union. Today, the marriage ceremony is an acceptable cultural celebration and public recognition. However, this does not mean that sexual union is not important. In fact, it is the most important part of the marriage covenant. This bond between man and woman is a testament to the gospel of Christ. A marriage is never complete without sexual union.