Why Was JFK Killed?

Why was JFK killed? This question has captivated Americans for years. His assassination, which occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis, has prompted numerous conspiracy theories. Some have speculated that Fidel Castro planned the assassination, while others believe it was the result of an inside job. Some have even said that Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a collaborator of Castro.

While the CIA and FBI concluded that Oswald had acted alone, several conspiracy theories were subsequently developed. Unpleasant details about the assassination conflicted with the official version. Other conspiracy theories revealed that numerous entities and individuals were directly benefiting from Kennedy’s death. The emergence of these theories stoked public belief in a widespread conspiracy. And while some governmental investigations cited the Kennedy assassination, others claimed that there was no conspiracy at all.

In addition to being a close political ally to President Eisenhower, Kennedy had sought normalized relations with Cuba, Egypt, and Indonesia. Sukarno had recently led Indonesia to independence and had founded the non-aligned movement. But Kennedy’s State Department was not trustworthy enough to achieve these goals. Moreover, the assassination shocked Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

There is a great deal of unreliable information on how Dr. King was killed. No federal agency was directly involved in the assassination, and the Department of Justice failed to supervise the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Domestic Intelligence Division. Furthermore, the FBI failed to investigate the possibility of a conspiracy, which shows a fundamental lack of concern for constitutional rights. In fact, the FBI’s failure to investigate these claims demonstrates that the FBI and the Department of Justice were not capable of investigating a crime involving a president.