Why is My Tongue Sore?

Several causes exist for a sore tongue. If you’ve recently had a mouth injury, your tongue may be more sore than usual. The most common cause is an infection, but some people are also allergic to certain foods and have a general mouth rash. Other causes include infections and burns. Read on to find out what’s causing your tongue’s soreness. Here are some possible explanations.

Sore tongue is usually harmless. Unless your tongue is sore all the time, you shouldn’t worry. Many causes are common and simple. Some of them are from accidentally biting it with a sharp tooth, while others are more serious. If the soreness lasts for longer than a day, you should visit your doctor. If the soreness doesn’t go away on its own, it could be a symptom of an underlying infection or even of tongue cancer. In any case, you should seek medical attention for the sore tongue if you experience any of these symptoms.

Another cause of sore tongue is a tumor on the tongue. This growth can be a lump, red or white patch, or be in the shape of a triangle. It can be causing pain and numbness, and may be painful to swallow. In some cases, the growth may be benign or cancerous, but a doctor can determine the root cause and provide appropriate treatment. When the condition is severe enough, it may require a surgical procedure or treatment.