What is Google City? Innovation in Cities

Recently, Google launched Sidewalk Labs, a new initiative that will focus on improving cities through technology. New technologies have radically changed the way that we do business, learn, and live. But major urban challenges have proven elusive to solve. Now, Google is aiming to change this by creating Sidewalk Labs and working at the intersection of the real world and the digital. But the question is: How will this innovation affect cities?

In 2016, Google launched a start-up called Sidewalk Labs, focused on smart cities. This innovative lab will focus on the city’s mobility and transportation systems. Eventually, the new labs will become a full-scale district, serving as a living lab for urban innovation technologies. It also plans to host competitions to spark excitement among city leaders throughout the country. And in the near future, Sidewalk Labs may become a model for smart cities that can attract other cities to replicate the innovative process.