What is Google Artificial Intelligence and Bots?

If you’ve been avoiding the topic of Google’s Artificial Intelligence and Bots, you’re not alone. A growing number of people are curious about this innovative technology and wonder how Google is applying it to their various products. The answer might surprise you: Google is investing billions of dollars in research and is employing some of the world’s best technical minds. You can’t help but wonder – after all, there’s a lot to like about Google’s work.

The Google team is already incorporating AI into their search engine. Previously, the algorithm used was only an artificial algorithm, a set of definite rules. Engineers could change it if it made a mistake. Deep learning is already used in Google’s Ads and Doubleclick, and the new Driving Mode allows it to estimate a direction without any input from the user. It’s all part of Google’s AI vision.

Google has also added a feature that allows users to convert their selfies into emojis. This technology works by using neural networks to generate five hundred billion different faces. Google’s ML Kit for mobile developers makes apps more interactive and entertaining. AI-powered bots such as Chatbots can serve customers during busy times or in the oddest hours of the day. By using AI, we can now automate human tasks.