Innovations in Water Purification and the Internet of H2O

Have you ever wondered what the Internet of H2O is? What does this technology have to offer you? If you don’t know, the Internet of H2O is a distributed technology that allows you to track your water supply and make smart decisions to save money and water. Many companies that produce water purification products are already implementing this technology to help people all over the world. Some of them include Google, Smarter Homes, and the WaterOn device. These water purification products have been used to save more than 71 million liters of water in Bengaluru, India alone.

The company has partnered with water companies like Water Global Practice and Drinkwell to improve access to clean drinking-water in the developing world. This company, which won the inaugural Imagine H2O Urban Water Challenge, has been focusing on providing clean water to people in developing countries. Its innovative water ATM kiosks have provided safe drinking water access to 5,100 people in Bangladesh. The company plans to roll out 96 more water ATM booths by 2021.