E-Commerce Dior Web Site

The new E-commerce Dior web site consolidates all of the company’s clothing, homeware, and beauty lines into one unified experience. Visitors can browse the entire Dior collection online or choose select picks from selected collections. For those who wish to buy a single item, the site offers a “shoppable homepage image” that allows them to browse and make a purchase on the spot. Alternatively, they can choose a specific item and arrange for a personal appointment through the website.

Until now, Dior has resisted a push to launch an online presence. As a luxury brand, it isn’t a “go big or go home” brand. The brand, which had already hired Raf Simons as its creative director, is known for its minimalism. And in keeping with the brand’s minimalist aesthetic, Dior is starting small with a holiday shoe pop-up shop. Rather than attempting to be the next Apple, Dior is collaborating with Bergdorf Goodman.

The E-commerce Dior web site was created with the help of Obsess, a company that specialises in e-commerce. They worked with other brands in the industry before their stores closed. Among these brands are Tommy Hilfiger, LVMH, Levi’s, and Ulta. According to Obsess CEO Neha Singh, Dior’s main motivation for creating an E-commerce web site was to reach a broad audience.