What is the Brand Stryker?

what is the brand Stryker

If you are searching for a medical device company, you may be wondering what the brand Stryker stands for. While the Stryker name might seem foreign, its purpose is to improve the quality of patient care. They design, manufacture, and distribute products to support physicians and hospitals in providing quality care. They also provide employees with many opportunities to advance their careers and find interesting work environments. Listed below are some of the most important aspects of the Stryker brand.

Founded in 1888, Stryker is a global medical technology company with a diverse customer base. It designs and manufactures orthopedic, neurologic, and spinal devices and implants. It also sells surgical equipment, navigation systems, and communications. Stryker also collaborates with medical technology and professional industry groups to develop and test new products. The company also has in-house medical technology and manufacturing facilities, and it has over one hundred subsidiaries worldwide.

In 1992, Stryker entered a new niche market, focusing on minimally invasive meniscus repair. Their portfolio included an FDA-approved collagen meniscus implant and an inside-out meniscal suturing platform. The acquisitions made the company a powerful competitor. However, Stryker isn’t shy about launching new products. The company has an impressive track record and the potential to become a global leader in medical technology.

The company’s history is rooted in innovation and progress. Homer Stryker, the company’s founder, had a long history of developing new medical devices. At age forty-five, he had already worked as a general practitioner in Kalamazoo. Eventually, he switched to orthopedics and started a medical supply company that specializes in surgical instruments and tools. The company’s growth grew to include such diverse products as orthopedic surgery tools and prosthetics.