What is Google Glass? and What Are the Benefits of Wearable Technology?

what is google Glass innovation

You might be wondering, what is Google Glass? and what are the benefits of this wearable technology. While Glass is a fascinating innovation and may be the next big thing in mobile technology, it is still unclear what it’s really for. It was wrongly thought of as a panacea for problems associated with mobile technology. It’s not an ideal solution to any of these problems, and the narrative surrounding it failed to capture any real, tangible solutions to today’s problems. In other words, the device promised a better future but failed to find a place in the here and now.

Using Glass in education has been a particularly interesting project. It’s not yet a killer app, but it is being tested in labs and classrooms at several universities. The CIO at Cecil College has been in contact with the company developing software for Glass. Other colleges and universities have tested the technology. Andrew Vanden Heuvel, an online instructor in Michigan, has created an educational YouTube channel, STEMbite, that showcases his experiences using Glass.

One major benefit of Google Glass is its hands-free operation. Traditional computing devices require physical input to operate, and this isn’t an ideal way to perform certain tasks. In addition, users can interact with content passively, using voice interaction. Another benefit of this wearable technology is its ability to make visual images and text more accessible. For example, a doctor could see a patient’s X-ray, or a dentist might want to see the patient’s x-rays, and then send them an email. Ultimately, this wearable technology has the potential to revolutionize how we do business today.