What is Google Election?

what is google Election innovation

If you’ve ever wondered how Google can make the election process more accessible, you’ve come to the right place. With their new Google Election API, developers can build civic applications that display information on elections, candidates, and other civic matters. One example is a video that shows elected officials for every U.S. residential address. This video uses data provided by the Center for Electoral Innovation and Research. The API also enables developers to create election-related applications of their own.

Jigsaw, Google’s technology incubator, has developed a toolkit called Protect Your Election. It provides similar services as Cloudflare’s Athenian Project. It also includes Google’s Advanced Protection Program, which limits third-party apps and requires a physical token for two-factor authentication. Users can quickly find information about policy issues related to their searches on Google. This toolkit will provide additional security for your site.

The research was conducted in the US and UK and mapped key internet search trends for electoral information. The innovative methodology maps the informational trajectories of key election events using Google Trends data linked to significant news events during the campaigns. Although the US election had spikes in search volume, the UK did not experience the same phenomenon. In both countries, though, the informational trajectories were marked by similar patterns.