What is Google Efficiency? Five Innovations to Create an Energy Efficient Data Center

what is google Efficiency innovation

What is Google Efficiency? is the company’s approach to increasing its energy efficiency and cutting down its carbon footprint. To calculate its efficiency, the company looks at all overhead and production costs. It accounts for all electricity used to power servers, natural gas and oil used to heat the offices, transformer, cable and UPS losses, and system inefficiencies. All of this data comes from hundreds of meters installed throughout Google’s data centers. As a result, Google is able to measure the actual energy use of its entire fleet.

Google aims to cut cooling costs by implementing the evaporative cooling system in its Georgia data center. It tapped recycled waste water to cool its servers, funneling up to 30 percent of its waste water from a local wastewater treatment plant. The remainder is pumped back into the Chattahoochee River. This innovation is just one of several Google has developed to reduce energy costs and boost customer satisfaction. However, if you are looking to create an energy efficient data center, consider Google’s five simple innovations.