What is Coition? In This Article, We Will Define Coition and Explain Its Pronunciation in Telugu


What is coition? In this article, we will define coition and explain its pronunciation in Telugu. Coitus is an act of sexual intercourse, which is legal when it is performed by two or more adults. The dictionary definition of coition is not the same as that of the English word. Here, we will look at coition’s meaning in Telugu. We will also explore the history of the word and how it was first used.

The word coition is derived from the Latin word coitus, which means “coming together.” Its most common definition is “sexual intercourse,” or the penetration of the vagina by the penis. Other names for coitus include oral coitus, coital contact, oral-genital contact, femoral coitus, and mammary coitus. In scientific usage, coitus is used to describe the process of meeting together.