What Does a Bitch Actually Mean?


While the word bitch has long been used to refer to female dogs, it became a common term for women around 1400 AD. The term came to mean malicious and lewd behavior and was first used in the Chester Plays. “Who calls thee queine, skabde biche?” is the first instance in which the term was used to degrade a woman. But what does a bitch actually mean? What is its origin?

The term “bitch” originally referred to a female dog, but it quickly gained a negative connotation. It was a common term in the Chester Mystery Plays, and it became a term associated with aggressive behavior. Women were often called bitches by men as a way of saying that they didn’t like them. However, the word bitch has evolved to mean a woman of high sexual desire. While a woman may be a bitch in the modern world, her use as a slur suggests a submissive or assertive attitude.

As an apologist, I’m glad that lexicographers have stepped in to help reclaim the word bitch. The fact is, a bitch’s response to the word is different for each person. It depends on the context, mood, and whether it’s directed at someone or an object. The word’s popularity in contemporary culture has encouraged women to redefine the term in other contexts and make it mean something more positive than it originally was.