E-Commerce Waitrose Web Site

Ecommerce Waitrose web site

The new E-commerce Waitrose web site offers customers a more convenient way to buy quality groceries. Designed for the UAE market, the new site is populated with more than 15,000 quality food items, including local UAE produce and Waitrose’s own brands. The new web site is a welcome change from the traditional Waitrose stores. In addition to its traditional range of fresh food, the site offers online ordering, payment, and account reconciliation.

According to recent reports, sales at Waitrose have increased by 5.1% compared to the previous year. In fact, the company has outperformed the market for 56 consecutive months. This growth is largely due to new transactions made online. Although many customers still prefer to shop in-store for their daily food needs, they are increasingly completing their full online shopping through the company’s e-commerce site. According to Waitrose’s Director of E-commerce, Robin Phillips, online shopping is a valuable way to drive sales.

Another option for customers is the mobile application. It allows customers to add groceries right from the bar code of the product. The app also offers the capability to view past orders and loyalty program information. It also offers features for finding nearby stores and checking their operating hours. Customers can also access recipes and find out what time the closest Waitrose store is open. The app also allows customers to sort products by relevance. And it has a large search bar for users to quickly find what they are looking for.