What is Google Hydrogen? Innovation in the Hydrogen Economy

what is google Hydrogen innovation

Google Hydrogen is a new initiative with ambitious goals: a cleaner fuel and improved cost-competitiveness for clean hydrogen. Led by two scientists in northern England and Stuttgart, the team aims to develop a highly effective fuel cell system. If successful, Google Hydrogen could revolutionise the way we power our cars. This new alternative fuel can be produced at home and is also highly convenient. The team hopes to commercialise the technology within a few years.

The company has demonstrated hydrogen fuel cells that have run a row of data center servers for 48 hours without recharging. The technology is expected to jumpstart a clean energy economy. Both Google and Microsoft have committed to carbon-neutral data centers by 2030. They hope to be free of diesel fuel dependency by 2050. The research is still in its early stages, and will require at least four years before the technology is ready for commercial use.

Hydrogen storage is expensive. Currently, the gas is stored in compression tanks. The costs of hydrogen storage are largely dictated by the raw materials and key components for compression, purification, separation, and storage. Microsoft and other companies are looking for ways to increase their efficiency while prioritizing safety. It’s not surprising that Google is interested in collaborating with accelerators in order to foster innovation in the hydrogen economy.