What is Google Combination? Innovation

what is google Combination innovation

If you’re wondering what’s the secret behind Google’s innovation, read this. The company uses democratic and analytic decision making methods. While most companies can use these methods, Google’s culture is different. Google does not need to have immediate attention to new products. In fact, its decision making process is remarkably efficient. For this reason, the company can afford to invest in new ideas and products, resulting in a greater number of new products and services.

The company’s culture of collaboration is unrivaled in the industry. Google employees are treated as its most valuable assets. For example, they are given all-hands meetings every Friday to promote communication. Additionally, they are subjected to extensive interviews to see if they’ll fit into the company’s culture. Google encourages openness, and encourages employees to think outside the box. In addition, Google employees are rewarded with stock options and other perks.