What is Google Boy?

what is google Boy innovation

Google Boy Kautilya Pandit is making waves all over the world. The nine-year-old was recently invited to a two-day career Utsav, a conference hosted by K2 Learning. At the event, he answered questions pertaining to domestic product, politics, and per capita income. In his own words, he hopes to become an Astro-Scientist. Kautilya Pandit, otherwise known as Google Boy, is a brilliant innovator who is going places.

While Google and Amazon are the only companies that are considered innovators, there are hundreds of startups that have not made it out of the gate. That means that you still have to face some challenges along the way. And even if you’re one of the innovation leaders, you can still fail. There are a few things you should learn from their mistakes. And if you’re a growing startup, it is essential to have a clear understanding of why innovation fails.