Water Innovation – What is Google Water Scraper?

what is google Water Scraper WATER INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

What is the Google-created Water Scraper? This portable wastewater filtration system is powered by batteries and hand crank and is capable of cleaning one litre of water in about five minutes. It contains a nanofiltration filtration system that removes sub-micron particles. This system can even adjust pH levels. In addition to preventing contaminants from contaminating the water, it also uses a low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to membrane-based treatment.

The innovative Wastewater Filtration System from the Indian Institute of Science, which won the first prize in the Google Pitch Fest in Zurich, uses a special membrane-free filtration system to convert highly contaminated water into clean water. It can be powered by a small solar cell or hand crank, making it a portable water purification system that can be used in disaster-hit areas or remote locations.