Can You Use Wax Paper in the Oven?

can you use wax paper in the oven

While it’s common to use wax paper to line baking sheets, you should be careful not to place it directly in the oven. While wax paper is resistant to heat, it can leach chemicals and create a dangerous fire hazard. Instead, use parchment paper or silicone baking mats instead. These materials don’t emit any harmful chemicals or leach them into food. In addition, they are safe to use in the oven and freezer.

While both parchment paper and wax papers are non-stick, there are some important differences between the two. Wax paper is a food-safe tissue paper coated with layers of paraffin wax. This makes it non-stick, but it’s not heat-resistant. While it’s good for countertop tasks, wax paper won’t hold up to high temperatures. Instead, choose parchment paper if you’re baking.

In the same way that parchment paper can be used in the oven, wax paper is also suitable for some uses, including lining sheet pans or frying pans. In addition to baking, wax paper can be used as a packet for fish or other foods. In contrast, parchment paper can be used as a non-stick surface for frying pans or as a steaming pouch for salmon. Nevertheless, parchment paper is more durable and better-suited for many applications.