Can Guys Get Breast Cancer?

can guys get breast cancer

Whether you are a man or not, it’s still important to discuss with your health care provider whether you may have a risk for developing breast cancer. Often, men delay seeing a doctor until they feel symptoms like a lump in the chest, so a regular visit to your provider is important. If you have a family history of breast cancer, inherited mutations of BRCA genes, and other chromosome conditions, you may have an increased risk of developing the disease.

There are several risk factors associated with men’s risk of developing breast cancer. Men are more likely than women to develop cancer. Breast cancer in men is rare compared to females, but the disease can spread quickly and cause serious complications. Treatment can help reduce symptoms and extend the patient’s life, but the exact cause of the disease is unknown. However, there are some things that increase the risk, including smoking, drinking alcohol, and having a family history of breast cancer.

A doctor can diagnose breast cancer by looking for signs and symptoms of other health conditions. The most important prognostic factor for men is the stage of the disease. The earlier the cancer is detected, the lower the chances of recurrence. If cancer spreads to lymph nodes, the risk of recurrence increases. Fortunately, treatments for men with breast cancer are similar to those for women. They involve a combination of surgery and chemotherapy.