Can Christians Eat Pork?

can christians eat pork

The Bible does not explicitly state that Christians cannot eat pork. However, it does state that some foods are unclean under the new covenant of grace. Jesus said that sins from the heart make a person unclean, but sins committed outside of the body do not make a person unclean. Therefore, it’s up to the individual’s personal preference whether a person can eat pork or not.

The prohibition of eating pork was a part of the Law given to Moses. However, it was rescinded when the apostle Peter began to preach to unclean Gentiles. Moreover, the apostle Paul did not condemn pork consumption, but warned Christians against passing judgment on what they eat. While some atheists claim that Christianity is pro-cannibalism, they cherry-pick Bible verses to support their own beliefs.

Christians have long debated whether they can eat pork. The Old Testament clearly prohibits eating pork. The passage, Leviticus 11:07, states that eating pork is a sin because pigs are scavengers and can easily contract diseases. However, modern day Christians have embraced pork and have found it to be a delicious meal. This article will explore the Old Testament’s views on pork and help you make an informed decision.

Another controversy relating to the dietary law is based on the teachings of Jesus, the Son of God. As a Jew, Jesus and his disciples would have been devoted to the Dietary Law and would not have eaten pork. Despite these concerns, Christians are not completely free of the Dietary Law. They should follow all of God’s commandments and remain true to their faith. If they are able to do so, they should eat pork, but should not do so in large quantities.