Benefits of Cuddling


If you’re new to intimacy, you may be wondering what the benefits of cuddling are. Apparently, cuddling is an excellent way to build intimacy with your partner. In addition to being enjoyable for both people, cuddling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that makes us fall in love. However, experts disagree about the benefits of cuddling. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of cuddling, and offer a few tips for making your next cuddle session a success.

When attempting to cuddle someone, try to remember your own feelings. Depending on the relationship you have, cuddling can be playful or romantic. Intimate cuddling can involve placing your hand on the person’s body or leaning your head on their shoulder. It’s a good idea to understand the person you’re cuddling so you can communicate the feelings you’re feeling. Whether it’s a lover or your best friend, you can try to get intimate with them through cuddling.

Another great cuddling move is resting your head on the other person’s lap while chatting. This makes it easier to maintain eye contact. Another common cuddling position is for one person to sit upright while the other lies perpendicular to him or her. This position allows you to stroke your partner’s face and play with their hair. There are many benefits to cuddling. This form of intimacy can lead to a deeper sexual and emotional connection.